Is Washington DC A Good Place To Vacation?

Is Washington DC a good place to vacation? You might be wondering this anytime of year as you ponder the possibilities for where to go for a vacation in the coming year, be it yourself, with a romantic partner, or your entire family.

It’s kind of understandable that some might shy away from the idea of visiting the nation’s capitol for a vacation. Washington is constantly in the news, and not usually portrayed in a good light. Partisan divide and controversial issues grip the Presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court, as the various leaders wrangle with the business of running the country. Their success in doing so is of course a source of constant derision among many voters and debated fiercely.

Also, there are constantly images in the media of protests taking place within the capitol. That also turns off those that might come here for a trip, combined with the knowledge of there being so many impoverished and crime-ridden areas throughout the city.

Despite all that, Washington DC is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. The protests are often just a few hundred activists outside one building or two, and there’s always a ton of security on-site, be it Capitol Police or the Secret Service. If you want to see a building unlike any other in the world, visit the Pentagon, which is most definitely a safe place given the thousands of Armed Services personnel working there every day.

You can get a tour of the White House, Capitol Hill, or the Washington Monument, either riding the elevator to the top or taking the stairs. Stroll along the National Mall, visit the silent serenity of the Vietnam Memorial, or sit on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. If you’re into museums, then this city has no shortage of them, including the Smithsonian line of installations.

If you like sports, catch a Washington Nationals Major League Baseball game in the spring or summer, and watch the NBA Washington Wizards take the court from fall until spring.

The city has plenty of hotels for you to stay in, as do the many suburbs in Maryland and Virginia. Once you get to the central section of the city, you can leave a car behind and enjoy the metro/subway system that makes getting around the capitol of the nation so very easy to accomplish.