D.C.’s March for Our Lives 2018: What to know before you go

In an effort to advocate for gun control, thousands are planning on taking to the streets in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, March 24 for the March For Our Lives. According to the March For Our Lives website, the purpose of the event is to “demand that their [children’s and family’s] lives and safety become a […]

DC ‘Snow Hole’ Strikes Again

WASHINGTON, DC — The D.C. #Snowhole has struck again. The graphics embedded below is enough to make one think that a top-secret agency has developed a snowstorm-repelling machine and installed it somewhere in the District. Up until as recently as Thursday, we were expecting easily the biggest snowstorm of the season in the area, although […]

These US states have been hit hardest by the new housing crisis

Housing markets are getting tighter across the US.One measure of housing market tightness is the share of housing units awaiting rent or purchase.That vacancy rate varies widely across the 50 states and Washington DC. Housing markets across the US are starting to get dramatically tighter, with rents skyrocketing and housing supplies becoming scarcer, suggesting a […]